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Verbatim Digital Movie DVD+R 4.7GB 8X 25 Disc Spindle 94865 Reviews

If you are looking for "Verbatim Digital Movie DVD+R 4.7GB 8X 25 Disc Spindle 94865", this is the website which will review it. so do not go first. please refer to our full review below.


  • 8x DVD+R media specifically designed for recording digital movies
  • Designer "movie reel" disc surface is ideal for marketing purposes
  • 4.7 GB of memory with 1x to 8x recording speeds
  • Write-once compatible with high-speed Sony, Dell, HP, and other DVD+ writers
  • Read-compatible with majority of DVD-ROM drives and DVD players

Offering the nostalgia and charm of the movie reels that symbolize cinemas today, Verbatim's unique DigitalMovie DVD media puts the fun in recording, viewing and sharing home movies. Available in the popular DVD+R format, DigitalMovie DVDs are ideal for businesses that want their marketing videos to stand out and for videographers who want to create distinctive-looking discs for distribution. DigitalMovie DVD+R are premium quality discs with unsurpassed performance and reliability. Utilizing Verbatim's proprietary Metal Azo recording dye and compatible at 1X-8X DVD recording speed, DigitalMovie DVDs are perfect for backing up DVD video titles and transferring video tapes to optical media that wonÆt degrade over time. So drag out the popcorn and start sipping the Coke. Make your next show a feature presentation with Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD.


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