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Movie Film and Slide DIY Transfer - Telecine to Video Digital Reviews

If you are looking for "Movie Film and Slide DIY Transfer - Telecine to Video Digital", this is the website which will review it. so do not go first. please refer to our full review below.


  • Custom rear projection screen offering the highest definition.
  • The only transfer unit from 2013, Others (Ambico, etc.) from the 90's
  • User-Friendly, Elaborate full-color instruction manual.
  • Use with your Camcorder, iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, digital camera, etc
  • Purchase does not include a projector or camera.

Are you ready to place your home movies (8mm, Super 8, 16mm) or 35mm slides onto video or digital media? This new and unique Film Transfer Unit will assist you in an exciting Do-It-Yourself project. Use this Film Transfer Unit with your movie or slide projector along with your camera/smartphone device to create a final production the way YOU want it (Projector and Camera not included with purchase). No more will you have to deal with decaying messy film reels or shoe boxes full of slides. Just think what you would have to pay someone to transfer a lifetime's worth of slides, prints, and films onto video or DVD. This Film Transfer Unit will produce professional results at a fraction of the cost. The system is compatible with your video camera, smartphone, etc. and your movie or slide projector (all not included). The 4x6" rectangular high-definition screen creates an oversized work area that conveniently accommodates different slide and movie film formats including today's wide angle ca


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