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Makayama Movie Mount for iPad mini Reviews

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  • Fix onto a tripod (sold separately) to achieve stability during shoots, pan / tilt movement, or stop motion recording
  • Works with 37mm wide and tele conversion lenses for wide angle and zoom
  • Features hot shoes adapters for attaching shotgun microphones (requires adapter cable see other HDHat items for this), and video lights (for low light shots)
  • Super wide options and a plethora of mics(boom/shotgun/wireless) are available from HDhat(see Amazon)

The Makayama Movie Mount for iPad mini enables you to shoot high-quality movies using your iPad mini. The iPad mini is one of the few devices that not only allow you to shoot high-definition videos, but also edit and upload them to the web. However, maintaining stable shots during long schedules becomes radically difficult without a sturdy support to mount your iPad mini. The Movie Mount overcomes this problem by allowing your iPad mini to be fixed upright and be used as an efficient movie maker.
This versatile Movie Mount can be fixed onto a tripod (sold separately) for when you require stable shots or pan / tilt movement. It also allows you to conveniently switch between your iPad mini's built-in lens and optional tele and wide-angled conversion lenses on-the-fly. Additionally, it can accommodate hook-up lights, a microphone, and an optical viewfinder. It also comes with a Movie Mount iPad app that can be installed onto your Apple device to manually control your video recording.
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