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Hank Green's 2D-Glasses: Turns 3D movies back to 2D Reviews

If you are looking for "Hank Green's 2D-Glasses: Turns 3D movies back to 2D", this is the website which will review it. so do not go first. please refer to our full review below.


  • Lightweight ABS plastic frame, fits on most!
  • Guaranteed to convert 3D viewing into 2D at the Cinema
  • Mitigates eyestrain, headaches and nausea associated with 3D technology
  • Works with 3D movies at theaters or any place that uses RealD technology
  • Also works with passive (cinema) 3D televisions, but not active-shutter TVs

2D-Glasses are a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for your 3D-addled eyeballs. Buy them. Gizmodo. These things are going to sell like crazy. Techland About 10% of Americans experience some form of discomfort while watching 3D movies and television. Symptoms range from a mild headache to severe nausea. 2D-Glasses are the solution. Glasses allow any RealD 3D movie to be viewed as if it is a normal two-dimensional movie. They were created so that Hank Green's wife could watch 3D movies together with him without getting a headache. Soon, Hank realized that they weren't the only people with this problem, so he made them available to help the rest of the population. Hank's wife loves them, and he hopes you will too. Frequently Asked Questions my girlfriend friend / husband / mom has a condition. Will 2D Glasses help them? If your friend or loved one can enjoy a regular movie, they can enjoy a 3D movie with 2D glasses. Will your 2D Glasses work with my home 3D television? Maybe. If your television uses


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